Magickal Dream Pillows Prophetic Dreams

Magickal Dream Pillows Prophetic Dreams
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Magickal Dream Pillows Prophetic Dreams $6.49 - Promote Psychic and/or Prophetic Dreams/Dreaming.

Our Magickal Dream Pillows are made in two parts, the outer casing (4" x 6" with an easy open end) and the inner Herb Bag (slightly smaller). The casing is made to be used again and again. The inner Herb Bag may be discarded or emptied into your garden when it has finished its usefulness. Then simply purchase another Herb Bag to put in your casing. This way you don't have to keep paying for more casings you don't need. Directions: Simply place your Magickal Dream Pillow under your pillow, hang it on your headboard or place near wherever your head may rest. Then allow our special blend of wonderfully scented herbs to transport you to The Land of Dreams & Peaceful Slumber. Every herb we have chosen for our blends has been used for many centuries for their powers to calm, soothe and promote peaceful dreaming. Carefully charged and mixed by the skillful & loving hands of Practicing Witches & Wizards.

Our special blends have been mixed at the proper moon phase and aged to the peak of maximum potency. Be sure to replace the Herb Bag as needed (whenever the fragrance fades or dreaming becomes less peaceful).